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“In this wise book, Dana Look-Arimoto reframes work-life balance for the 21st century. She argues fora more well-rounded way of looking at career, family, friendships, community, and vitality using a deliberate and self-aware method of making the choices that are right for you. This book is a much-needed call for sanity and a real breath of fresh air for anyone who feeling overwhelmed. ”

- Daniel H. Pink

Author of When and Drive

“Dana Look-Arimoto is one of the most engaging speakers I have seen. She weaves in knowledge with emotion and humor to create engagement and thought provoking introspection.”

- Ashish Kaushal

CEO at HireTalent and Co-founder of Consciously Unbiased

“Redesign Your Busy Life," Great concept! We design our homes, we wear designer clothes and accessories. At work, we design custom solutions for our clients, We are often so busy designing our outer worlds, but how skilled are we at designing our inner worlds, Dana deftly gets you to pause and think about the decisions you make and how you can bier your life by design.”

- Nadia Bilchik

CNN Editorial Producer,

President Greater Impact Communication

“Wow! How refreshing it was to hear what I've been thinking for so long. is there really such a thing as work-life balance?" With my crazy, hectic life, Dana's frank approach to settling smart, -"accept who you are and decide consciously how you want to spend your time, instead of stressing over how you should be spending your time" was just what I needed to hear."

- Chip Conley

New York Times bestselling author of Emotional Equations,

Airbnb Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy 

“As Dana says in her book, this falls into a business meets self-help genre. While I read a lot of business books, I generally don't see a need for self-help books I thought I'd mad this anyway because I was intrigued by the idea of redefining work-life balance. I read the book in one sitting and was delighted that I did, Yes, it is self-help but very pertinent to the business world, and immensely helpful to me personally. ”

- Linda Sharikey

Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coach, Best Selling Author of Is Your Company Future Proof?

“What an amazing book! Dana blew the myth of work-life balance right out of the water, and then did a masterful job of explaining how to rethink and redesign your own work-life balance with Smart Settling, The following really resonated with me, "I love what I do in all aspects of my life, and my kids and my family get that, I do not see any evidence of them feeling less than as 1 am explicit about it. They know I am all in whenever 1 do anything. That thing I'm focused on gets all of me. And I wouldn't trade that!”

- Holly G. Green

CEO, The Human Factor, Inc. 

“Dana Look-Arimoto's passion for assisting people to find content-ment while engaging all aspects of their life is dear. Her book is just the first step in what I trust will become a powerful movement as more of us Settle Smart. As a C-level executive, I see every day how employees become disconnected and disengaged when they struggle with the conflicts between the demands of their family and business. Her strategies provide clear and actionable solutions that will enable you to stay engaged and be supported in all spheres by settling smarter. ”

- Kate Purmal

Author of The Moonshot Effect and Winner of Axiom Business Book Awards Gold Medal in Leadership

“Settling Smart is being aware of your choices from family to career, friendships, community, and well-being -just how do you want to settle and invest your time without feeling guilty The book is a quick, entertaining read with just three phases: a method, mindset, and movement -that is movement forward where you are thriving For me, I have yet to find the work-life balance so my focus has been on work-life integration that is healthy for me and my family.  ”

- Jacqueline M. Stavros

Author of Conversation Worth Having and Professor of Management,

Lawrence Technological University

“Want to create an energizing, successful life? Dana's amazing book gives you the 5 facets to rediscover the brilliant you. In a dear, insightful model, she helps you see where you may have unconsciously settled for less in your life and helps you create a Journey Map to unleash your power, Her vast experience combined with her passion for cutting through the derailers gives you the strategy, courage and tools to get off the hamster wheel and reclaim your life. Read and cherish it today! ”

- Dr. Vicki Halsey

VP Applied Learning, Ken Blanchard Companies

“Work-life balance? There is only one life, and face it, we are all constantly working! How to manage it all? That's the question that Dana answers in this marvelous book! It is a clear guide to a happier healthier and more productive life. ”

- Chester Elton

Global Leadership guru, and NYT Best-selling author of The Carrot Principle,

ALL In and The Best Team Wins

“In these frenetic times, 'work-life balance' seems increasingly out of reach. Dana's smart perspective will help you rethink your priorities and make informed choices about how you really want to live your life. ”

- Dorie Clark

Author of Entrepreneurial You and Stand Out, and adjunct professor, Duke University Fuqua School of Business.

“Dana is a guiding light. She has expertly served as a mirror to my transformation both personally and professionally. She consistently asks thought-provoking questions and challenges the status quo.  The sum of the two has resulted in tremendous personal development, as well as double-digit business growth year-over-year since we began working with one another. More importantly, I am a better human and my company is a stronger and more grounded organization because of her guidance, support, perspectives, skills, and capabilities. She is an invaluable extension of my team.”

- Megan McCann

McCann Partners CEO, ARA Co-Founder

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