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Women's Group Coaching by Dana Mahina

Women have to do it all, by being their all, all the time - and do it with a smile.

And if we feel tired or dare to ask for help, we feel like failures or burdens to those around us.


There is a better way.

Welcome to Bloom.

Bloom is a 9-session, bi-weekly, intensive women's coaching group for women who are leaders in their own right but are ready to grow to the next level - ditching work-life balance for work-life harmony.

If you're ready to devote more time to joy, without sacrificing productivity and value, we're the group for you.

Come and bloom with us.

September 2023 - FULL

April 2024 - FULL

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Praise for Bloom

“Dana has done a wonderful job of helping me navigate a very significant transition from finance to a leadership role. I am constantly amazed by how often I use her "teachings" and I love connecting with her in many different ways. If I can learn even half of the amazing wisdom she is imparting I will be able to take the world by storm. She is knowledgeable about team building, decision making, personal time and effort management, emotional energy usage, organizational structure and governance, and many other things. Working with her has given my career an enormous boost.”  

- Betsy Barton

Founder & CEO, at Kyndr, powered by Infiniscape

“With just a few sessions Dana has created a space to feel safe and open. I instantly felt a sense of relief and calmness during the sessions. Dana helped me realize I can have it all in life. In order to have it all, like an onion to get to the core I must peel back the layers of doubt, triumph, family, society, and career first. With her expertise and care I have become confident to further explore my business ideas while balancing other aspects of my life. I leave each session feeling less anxious in life and more proud of myself for who I am.”  

- Jasmeet Pabla-Saini

Sr. Campaigns Team Lead, Mirantis

Daisy Auger-Dominguez

“Dana Look-Arimoto is a human capital rock star! Riveting and real, Dana helps workplaces, leaders and anyone who is struggling with the false dichotomy of “work-life balance" to make smart and practical choices at home, work and every facet of their life.”

- Daisy Auger-Dominguez

Workplace Culture Strategist, Speaker, Author

Jill Wesley

“Dana is a wonderful storyteller who brings wit and wisdom to all she does. Her decades of experience as a senior executive, executive coach, and talent expert give her a unique point of view on how people and organizations get it wrong.”

- Jill Wesley

Founder at Science + Soul of Speaking

Erin Talbot

“The bedrock of trust & expertise that Dana cultivates makes transformation inevitable. In a group setting, Dana was able to bring people together to collectively wrestle with and solve some of the largest struggles in their professional/personal life. It was remarkable.”  

- Erin Talbot

SVP Investor Relations, LPL Financial

“Dana is a guiding light. She has expertly served as a mirror to my transformation both personally and professionally. She consistently asks thought-provoking questions and challenges the status quo.  The sum of the two has resulted in tremendous personal development, as well as double-digit business growth year-over-year since we began working with one another. More importantly, I am a better human and my company is a stronger and more grounded organization because of her guidance, support, perspectives, skills, and capabilities. She is an invaluable extension of my team.”

- Megan McCann

McCann Partners CEO, ARA Co-Founder


A woman's guide to all areas of life

Overachieving women are one of the world’s most precious resources

But the expectations that high-achieving and overachieving women place on themselves is unrealistic and hard to maintain for the long term.  We were born smart, now, we must be SMARTER when it comes to consciously choosing the life we want to lead, and the legacy we want to leave behind for our daughters and their daughters, our nieces, and the next generation of women.

B is for Burnout, Not B*tch is the women’s thriving guide to work-life design that will show you how to go from burnout to being on fire for YOURSELF.


Work-life balance is a myth.
Learn to settle smarter.

We believe that you have what it takes to transform your life into one full of purpose. This book is a must-read if you’re ready to live a harmonious and inspired life that allows you to make a positive impact on the world. We will help you align your personal core values and desires with people and workplaces that embrace your strengths.



Transforming leadership.

Coming from the corporate world, Dana Mahina has decades of experience working in leadership and management roles. We’ve helped thousands of individuals and leadership teams to master their faceted selves.

Through years of networking, managing, mentoring, and speaking, Dana Look-Arimoto developed her signature method, Stop Settling. Through her book, Stop Settling, Settle Smart, Dana offers a sustainable alternative to the work-life balance myth.