Our story.


Our mission is to accelerate transformations.

Your life is a unique blend of different elements: career, community, friendship, family, and wellbeing. And it's by integrating all of these elements in harmony that true transformation and change is possible.

We help transform lives using what we call the "JPV Index":
(Bring) Joy

We have a deep sense of joy as we derive fulfillment from our work and lives. We help others to find and prioritize the things that bring them joy. We do not compromise, or ask that anyone compromise, that which brings us/them joy.

Passion-Driven Productivity

We produce high-quality results because we are passionate about what we do. If we are not passionate about it, we don't do it.

Value from Strengths

Internally, we leverage our strengths to bring the most value to our clients. With our clients, we help them identify their and their team's strengths so that they can work together more effectively and increase the value of whatever project they take on.


A story of transformation

The Story of Dana Mahina.

Dana Look-Arimoto is the woman behind the Dana Mahina brand. She is a multi-passionate coach, author, podcaster, and expert here to guide up and comers through transforming their lives. Dana provides a safe space for individuals from all backgrounds to embrace who they are while making changes to achieve their progressive harmony. 

Over the decades, Dana has worked in the corporate world as a renowned coach and expert on leadership. Through this ambition, she has helped thousands of people and teams step into their roles as a leader.

But over the years, she saw a need for these same leadership skills to be applied in the real world, not just in corporate America. Using her signature method, mindset, and movement, called Settle Smarter, Dana now helps to transform individuals into their most confident and joyful selves.

The Dana Mahina team.

The Dana Mahina brand is itself a unique blend of passions, experiences, and life stories, with Dana Look-Arimoto at the helm. Together, this team of like-minded souls is dedicated to helping accelerate transformations and bring more joy into the world.

Sonia Pazmandi Lee

Executive Administrative Officer

Beatriz Vasconcelos

PR & Social Media

Shaina Nacion

Brand & Web Design Specialist

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