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Stop feeling like an outsider and own your self-confidence.

Listen to Work-Life Harmonized on the radio! We feature local and national leaders and experts who embody the Dana Mahina approach to an integrated life. We explore how to realize the transformations we want to see across the facets of our lives. Come listen and learn how to make intentional choices both in your personal life and outside of it! 

Harmony beats Balance Every Time

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work-life harmonized is a self-development podcast

Embrace the change and create your own safe community.

Nothing is off-limits on Work-Life Harmonized. We’re here to help you integrate the mental, emotional, social, and career aspects of your life to achieve what’s personally best for you.

We talk openly about every part of life and leadership: from ridding yourself of guilt at work to the power of gratitude and discipline, and even the 7 Hawaiian Huna Principles of Life.

You are a beautiful and unique soul, and you deserve a life that brings harmony to every piece of your identity.


The music of Work-Life Harmonized

Kahu J Kauilani Kahalekai

Kanaka Pae ʻAina Minister & Practitioner of Kanaka Healing Arts, Musician Entertainer, Hula Instructor, Theta Healer Practitioner



Holistic life coaching should be accessible to everyone.

Our podcast, Work-Life Harmonized, is all about bringing leadership and life coaching out of the corporate world and into everyday life. Call in and talk to Dana and our expert guests for personalized feedback on how to make intentional choices for any issue you're struggling with.

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