Mar 14, 2023

Dana Mahina Re-Launches Podcast Under a New Name, “Work-life Harmonized”

Lihue, Hawai’i: Dana Mahina today has announced the relaunch of her long-time podcast, Harmony Beats Balance, under a new name: Work-life Harmonized. Work-life Harmonized is a dual-cast radio show and podcast where Dana Mahina and her guests talk about the power of joy, integration, harmony, and connection both internally and with the world around us. Through the episodes, Dana explores how to realize the transformations we want to see across the facets of self-worth, work, home, and community. All of it under the umbrella of understanding and the courage to clearly see who we are – our strengths and the parts we want to improve. Everyone is a leader in their own right. And no one fits neatly into any little box. The world is not black and white, and we are an array of colors wrapped beautifully in the Aloha Spirit. On Work-Life Harmonized, Dana and her guests delve into what it is to be unapologetically honest while also working toward living an authentic life by paving the path for others based on actions, not mere words or ideals.

In this new form, the podcast will focus on:

  • The Unique Struggles of Women and Underrepresented People in Leadership
  • The Importance of Finding Joy in Your Everyday 
  • Navigating and Preventing Burnout
  • Putting Ourselves First before Helping Others

“Work-life Harmonized is a new chapter,” says podcast host, Dana Mahina. “We are putting a high-focus lens on the lies we have been told about what it takes to be a successful and fulfilled person. We dissect all of the myths and pull back the curtain to reveal the truth: that our lives are unique and so our definition of success is too. You no longer have to pretend that it’s all okay and that the only clear path to success is heavy lifting and going it all alone any longer. The constant struggle to try and achieve an unattainable standard is no more. There is another way. And it’s fueled by one clear jumping off point: putting yourself first and then helping others; something that women struggle to do every day when they wear multiple hats and play vital and significant roles in life, many of which go unnoticed, unpaid, and undervalued.”

The first episode of Work-life Harmonized air on The Work-life Harmonized Podcast on Thursday, March 16th.

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About Dana Mahina:

Dana Mahina is the woman behind the Work-Life Harmonized Radio Show & Podcast. She is a multi-passionate coach, author, podcaster, and expert here to guide up-and-comers through transforming their lives via authentic and joyful leadership. Dana provides a safe space for individuals from all backgrounds to embrace who they are while conquering hurdles on their way to achieving progressive harmony. And then, sharing the “how” with others.   

Over the decades, Dana has worked in the corporate world as a renowned coach, speaker, and expert on leadership. Over her 30+ years, she has helped thousands of people and teams to grow as leaders and achieve heightened states of joy, productivity and value that they never dreamed possible.  

Over more recent years, Dana has seen a vital need for these same leadership skills and methods to be applied in the real world, not just to corporate executives. Using her signature method, mindset, and movement, called Settle Smarter®, Dana now helps to transform individuals into their most confident, joyful and value-added selves. Her once exclusive approach is now available, accessible and actionable so that the next generations of harmonious leaders become the rule instead of the exception.  

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